Thursday, September 15, 2011

What an eventful day!

Well, today was filled with an hour and a half IEP for David. Brewster Middle School on Camp Lejeune is by far the best at implementing your child's IEP! No matter what you ask, they are willing to do and it doesn't matter how much more work it makes for them! Of course, today is a day that I wish hubby wasn't deployed as I dealt with much teenage girl drama! I often find myself asking if it's too much to ask for someone to keep the same story. But, I think such is life with a teenager, especially a teenage girl!

They say when Daddy is deployed that kiddos go one way or the other. Really bad or really good. I think she's somewhere in between. She has her moments that are equally challenging for me. It is quite frightening at times to make these decisions without him and being hopeful that I am coming to the same resolution that he would have made or we would have made together. Then I just have to remind myself that I can only do my best and be optimistic that my evaluation and resolution is the best remedy at the time. Of course my desire is to have the right answer to every solution, I also realize that even with him home we more than likely wouldn't have the most paramount decision every time.

The question always running through my mind is "do I bother him with this?" "do I disturb him with even the smallest concerns?" Most people will say no. Keep down the home front and don't concern him with issues at home. He has more to worry about and you want him to be able to focus on his mission. I disagree. My husband in particular would like to know what's happening at home so he still feels like a part of the family. We've had deployments where I acted like everything was "good to go" and ones where he is involved in some major issues and some minor issues arising at home. He truly feels that he is more a part of the family when he hears the good and the bad. My advice, let him know what's really going on at home. Of course, be sure to let him know when you need advice on how to handle the situation and when you're just venting. However, always assure him that things will be alright, sometimes you just have a bad day. Just like when he's home.

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