Friday, September 16, 2011

One more day I wish hubby was home

Tonight Alisa is cheering at Lejeune High's, Devilpups Varsity game. Well, because of some trouble she got into, she'll be sitting next to the coach, dressed in uniform, for the entire game. I believe she learned her lesson to bring her clothes and shoes to cheerleading practice now! Just wishing that her Daddy was here to see her would be amazing. He's missing every single game she's cheering at for football. He is so proud and so upset that he can't make it to any of the games. Then again, he doesn't like the short skirts they have to wear, so on the bright side, I don't have to hear him grumble at every game that her skirt is too short. LOL! I guess there's a bright side to everything! Of course, having him here would be the best.

Of course, like the dutiful wife and mother that I am, pics and video are taken at every game for Alisa's memories, Daddy to see, and our family's memories.

It's the life of a military family that our children are used to not having Mommy or Daddy there for all of their activities. I am thankful that our kiddos are so understanding. They realize that Daddy is protecting not only us, but our entire Country. They are so wise beyond their years.

It takes a lot to be a military family. It takes a lot to be a "military brat". Not everyone can do what our we do. Not everyone can give up what we give up. It irritates me when people ask "why would you put your children through that? Why would you want to put yourself through that? Why would you want to have a husband that could lose his life at such an early age?" But, I always love my answer and say it with proud. "Someone has to protect us. Someone has to protect you. I'm proud to say it's my husband and my family that is sacrificing our lives for people that we don't even know." I admit that there are times I make my statement and walk away with pride and sometimes I make my statement and walk away in anger. I'm proud to say that no matter what, my husband, our children and myself are making a difference every single day of our lives. Not everyone can say that.

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