Wednesday, September 14, 2011

First post, Life of a military wife with kiddos

Well, this is my first blog, so we'll see how it goes. I created this blog as a way of letting other military families know that "you're not the only one" going through different events in your life. Whether it be medical, moving, deployments, "voluntold family days", or anything that happens in the life of a military wife.

So you know where I'm at right now, I'll give you a brief update. Hubby has been deployed to Afghanistan since April and will be home sometime in November. Last week I was standing in line at medical when 2 Marines that weren't paying attention to where they were walking walked right into me, landed on me and now I am stuck with a sprained ankle and torn ligaments and tendons. On the bright side, at least I was already at Medical! As if that wasn't enough, this week I thought I could do more than I should have. I was cleaning out my closet and dropped my fireproof lock box on the same sprained ankle. After spending hours in the ER, I now have multiple bruises on the bone and my foot is swollen to almost twice the size! It's getting bigger every day!

Today, I actually did have a semi-eventful day. Maintenance came to fix quite a few things around the house. I love when one guy especially comes, Ross, he is an older guy with a daughter in Law School. He is always up for some good conversation while he's working! Very entertaining! When my son came home from school it was interesting to say the least assisting him with his homework. It can become difficult with his Asperger's (high functioning autism). He is very disorganized and if I am not looking through and organizing his binder on a daily basis it can become extremely thorny the next day! It's his first year in middle school so he is getting the hang of it, but it's taking some time. On a good note, he did excellent on his Language Arts homework and he found his PE bag with his uniform and brand new sneakers that he lost the first week of school!

Alisa is so bright and beautiful. She called after school to ask if after cheerleading practice she could stay at school until 9 making up some work that she needed to get done from missing a day of school due to Hurricane Irene. I of course told her that would be fine with me since she would be with a tutor and not on her own. Little did I know she actually stayed after to do "make-up" for her drama class. Something that she doesn't need to stay after for yet seeing as how the tryouts for the play were just last week! Yep, she fell asleep doing homework and she'll be up early getting the rest of it done!

The life of a military wife when the hubby is deployed! The day never ends!

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