Thursday, October 6, 2011

Alisa's Homecoming without Daddy

Well, tomorrow is Alisa's Homecoming game! She's very excited and I can't wait to see her cheering at it! So many memories during her Freshman year. Saturday will be the Homecoming Dance! I really am so excited to take her and get her ready at the nail salon and the hair salon! Helping her get ready for the dance will be such a memorable experience and she is going to have a blast with her boyfriend, The Blake! LOL!

The only thing missing is Daddy to tell her how beautiful she is and give her boyfriend the stare down and a nice talking to! She's pretty upset that he won't be here, but she's going to have such a great time. I really wish he was here to see this milestone in her life. Her first Homecoming.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Feeling blah

So sorry for not posting yesterday folks. I've been feeling blah for 2 days now. It's getting colder and it's time to put away the summer clothes and bring out the winter clothes! As I am an avid sweater collector, this is my favorite season. I get to wear sweaters every day and not worry about feeling "fat" in shorts and a tank top or a bathing suit! If you don't like winter, there's a reason to! Thankfully my children are older. Since I am feeling under the weather, Alisa brought all the winter clothes bins out of the shed and garage last night. I've been working little by little on laundry all day so I can get all of the summer clothes out of the rooms. This will be a large task, as I myself take up 4 large bins of summer clothes, then putting away the winter clothes. Oh my. I have 2 large bins of sweaters, 1 large and 1 medium bin of shoes and 2 more large bins of other winter clothes. What would normally take me a day to a day and a half will probably take me all week since I'm so under the weather. But, such is life!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

The wonderful things the Marine Corps and the USO do for us!

It was absolutely wonderful! The USO and the USMC sponsored a free concert on Camp Lejeune for all of us! I went with my girlfriend, Angela, and we saw Mike Corrado and the Lt Dan Band! It was an amazing time. Mike Corrado is an active duty Marine, stationed here at Camp Lejeune, his wife is also an active duty Marine. He has 3 cd's out and he is just mind blowing! The Lt Dan Band left me speechless! Standing down on floor seating, being about 15 feet away from the band just made the experience that much more amazing! This is one day I will never forget!

Friday, September 16, 2011

One more day I wish hubby was home

Tonight Alisa is cheering at Lejeune High's, Devilpups Varsity game. Well, because of some trouble she got into, she'll be sitting next to the coach, dressed in uniform, for the entire game. I believe she learned her lesson to bring her clothes and shoes to cheerleading practice now! Just wishing that her Daddy was here to see her would be amazing. He's missing every single game she's cheering at for football. He is so proud and so upset that he can't make it to any of the games. Then again, he doesn't like the short skirts they have to wear, so on the bright side, I don't have to hear him grumble at every game that her skirt is too short. LOL! I guess there's a bright side to everything! Of course, having him here would be the best.

Of course, like the dutiful wife and mother that I am, pics and video are taken at every game for Alisa's memories, Daddy to see, and our family's memories.

It's the life of a military family that our children are used to not having Mommy or Daddy there for all of their activities. I am thankful that our kiddos are so understanding. They realize that Daddy is protecting not only us, but our entire Country. They are so wise beyond their years.

It takes a lot to be a military family. It takes a lot to be a "military brat". Not everyone can do what our we do. Not everyone can give up what we give up. It irritates me when people ask "why would you put your children through that? Why would you want to put yourself through that? Why would you want to have a husband that could lose his life at such an early age?" But, I always love my answer and say it with proud. "Someone has to protect us. Someone has to protect you. I'm proud to say it's my husband and my family that is sacrificing our lives for people that we don't even know." I admit that there are times I make my statement and walk away with pride and sometimes I make my statement and walk away in anger. I'm proud to say that no matter what, my husband, our children and myself are making a difference every single day of our lives. Not everyone can say that.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

What an eventful day!

Well, today was filled with an hour and a half IEP for David. Brewster Middle School on Camp Lejeune is by far the best at implementing your child's IEP! No matter what you ask, they are willing to do and it doesn't matter how much more work it makes for them! Of course, today is a day that I wish hubby wasn't deployed as I dealt with much teenage girl drama! I often find myself asking if it's too much to ask for someone to keep the same story. But, I think such is life with a teenager, especially a teenage girl!

They say when Daddy is deployed that kiddos go one way or the other. Really bad or really good. I think she's somewhere in between. She has her moments that are equally challenging for me. It is quite frightening at times to make these decisions without him and being hopeful that I am coming to the same resolution that he would have made or we would have made together. Then I just have to remind myself that I can only do my best and be optimistic that my evaluation and resolution is the best remedy at the time. Of course my desire is to have the right answer to every solution, I also realize that even with him home we more than likely wouldn't have the most paramount decision every time.

The question always running through my mind is "do I bother him with this?" "do I disturb him with even the smallest concerns?" Most people will say no. Keep down the home front and don't concern him with issues at home. He has more to worry about and you want him to be able to focus on his mission. I disagree. My husband in particular would like to know what's happening at home so he still feels like a part of the family. We've had deployments where I acted like everything was "good to go" and ones where he is involved in some major issues and some minor issues arising at home. He truly feels that he is more a part of the family when he hears the good and the bad. My advice, let him know what's really going on at home. Of course, be sure to let him know when you need advice on how to handle the situation and when you're just venting. However, always assure him that things will be alright, sometimes you just have a bad day. Just like when he's home.

Any questions or topics you would like to discuss

If there are any topics you would like discussed or any questions you may have, please email me! Just remember that you are NOT alone! Someone out there has been through what you are and has asked the same question or is too shy to ask. My blog is here to help any military spouse in any area as well as to give bits about my life as a military spouse with 2 children that each have their own "special needs". I'm hoping that by sharing my stories with you, that you will be able to understand that you truly are not alone in your struggles and your day to day life. You may not have children yet, you may not have a child with "special needs," but you may know someone who does and getting a better understanding of what they may be going through will only help you become a better friend.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

First post, Life of a military wife with kiddos

Well, this is my first blog, so we'll see how it goes. I created this blog as a way of letting other military families know that "you're not the only one" going through different events in your life. Whether it be medical, moving, deployments, "voluntold family days", or anything that happens in the life of a military wife.

So you know where I'm at right now, I'll give you a brief update. Hubby has been deployed to Afghanistan since April and will be home sometime in November. Last week I was standing in line at medical when 2 Marines that weren't paying attention to where they were walking walked right into me, landed on me and now I am stuck with a sprained ankle and torn ligaments and tendons. On the bright side, at least I was already at Medical! As if that wasn't enough, this week I thought I could do more than I should have. I was cleaning out my closet and dropped my fireproof lock box on the same sprained ankle. After spending hours in the ER, I now have multiple bruises on the bone and my foot is swollen to almost twice the size! It's getting bigger every day!

Today, I actually did have a semi-eventful day. Maintenance came to fix quite a few things around the house. I love when one guy especially comes, Ross, he is an older guy with a daughter in Law School. He is always up for some good conversation while he's working! Very entertaining! When my son came home from school it was interesting to say the least assisting him with his homework. It can become difficult with his Asperger's (high functioning autism). He is very disorganized and if I am not looking through and organizing his binder on a daily basis it can become extremely thorny the next day! It's his first year in middle school so he is getting the hang of it, but it's taking some time. On a good note, he did excellent on his Language Arts homework and he found his PE bag with his uniform and brand new sneakers that he lost the first week of school!

Alisa is so bright and beautiful. She called after school to ask if after cheerleading practice she could stay at school until 9 making up some work that she needed to get done from missing a day of school due to Hurricane Irene. I of course told her that would be fine with me since she would be with a tutor and not on her own. Little did I know she actually stayed after to do "make-up" for her drama class. Something that she doesn't need to stay after for yet seeing as how the tryouts for the play were just last week! Yep, she fell asleep doing homework and she'll be up early getting the rest of it done!

The life of a military wife when the hubby is deployed! The day never ends!